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  Have Faith by Elizabeth South

Have Faith cover art

Artist: Elizabeth South
Title: Have Faith
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Showing our customary lack of fear and good judgement, the hard drinking, devil worshipping Bluesbunny now turns his attention to a Christian singer called Elizabeth South. Her self penned album is called "Have Faith", by the way.

Having been subjected to the sonic torture of modern hymns recently, the mere thought of lyrics like "If we have faith in God we can move mountains" (from the title track) induced a nervous tremor. Fortunately, the message is less obvious in the other songs in the album with a distinct American MOR feeling pervading the proceedings, mostly due to the production rather than Ms South's vocals it has to be said. "I'll Trust You", for example, is just the kind of song that you would expect of Olivia Newton John these days. However, you can't doubt - or fail to be charmed by - the passion in Ms South's voice and that alone is worthy of note in these fame obsessed days.

It would have been easy to make her the target of some ridicule but it turns out that Ms South gives a convincing performance that is remarkably easy on the ears. Regardless of whether her Christian message appeals to you or not, she's certainly got talent.

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Review Date: October 14 2008