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  The Letter b/w Past, Present, Future by Blonde on Blonde

The Letter b/w Past, Present, Future cover art

Artist: Blonde on Blonde
Title: The Letter b/w Past, Present, Future
Catalogue Number: Pye 7P123
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 1979

Just in case you thought celebrities polluting the charts was a new thing (oh, the sarcasm!), the self same approach to attaining musical glory has been around for years. In 1979, when this single was released, you could do no better in the celebrity stakes than being a Page 3 girl for the Sun newspaper. Hence, Blonde on Blonde were made up of two topless models called Nina Carter and Jilly Johnson and this single is a version of "The Letter", later a hit for disco diva Amii Stewart. I thought the Amii Stewart version was the original but it was a hit in 1980 and this release was actually in 1979 so there you go.

Anyway, the song itself is pretty standard beautiful people sparkly disco and is/was best enjoyed with a bottle of champagne and a glitter ball. On the flipside are not one but two tracks - a rather unexpected but respectable cover of the Shangri-la's "Past, Present, Future" (there is something about that English rose accent that just stirs the … imagination) and another slice of period disco cake called "Shut Down".

As points of trivia, Nina Carter was married to Rick Wakerman for a while, Jilly Johnson wrote a novel called "Double Exposure" and the co producer of this record, Rob Boughton, is now a director of a PR company. And the rating? 3 carrots - 2 for the songs and an additional one for the cover. Like the cover. Like it a lot.
Review Date: October 19 2008