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  Amsterdam by Hamper

Amsterdam cover art

Artist: Hamper
Title: Amsterdam
Catalogue Number: 1st Aid Records
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2008

First it was angst ridden singer songwriters. Then it was the charmless onslaught of indie rock. It is enough to make a reviewer pine for, nay demand, some music with a bit of class.

Maybe Hamper has delivered a bit of that much needed class with their new digital single "Amsterdam"? Fortunately they have. True, tere's a bit of that indie style guitar to contend with but Louise McVey's voice is enough to make you sigh as she draws you close. In terms of their sound, they are like a rockier version of Glasgow's Doghouse Roses (and that's no bad thing in my book).

The review CD, for whatever reason, crackled like a worn vinyl pressing throughout "Amsterdam" and also featured a top class remix of "Low Road Connection". Probably best described as sardonic lounge-core, if this song was a woman, you'd want to take her home at the end of the night. Trust me, you just would.

"Amsterdam" is a slinky, sophisticated song that oozes class. However, this remixed version of "Low Road Connection" was the song that refused point blank to come out of the old CD player.
Review Date: October 19 2008