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  Endsville by Rev. Bob & the Darkness

Endsville cover art

Artist: Rev. Bob & the Darkness
Title: Endsville
Catalogue Number: Hooker Street Studios HSS001
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

Now, here we have a prize winner. It has been a while since BluesBunny has heard an album that works so well as a complete item. The whole album flows beautifully including a whole variety of influences such as Delta blues, Mexican music and Lynyrd Skynyrd. It all gels so well that it is difficult to pick a favourite track (OK, if I had to, I would have to go for "Rosalie").

Way back when, there was the concept of album bands who did not release singles. It would seem that independent music is now producing that kind of approach. The Ghettobillies' recent release "Cockpit" shows a similar approach and like Rev. Bob produces an album that works even better as a whole than it does as individual tracks. Other top tracks include the horn led "Scurry" and penultimate track, the deadly "Bury Me Not".

BluesBunny also appreciates the special touches such as having vinyl-like crackles throughout the album. Did I mention that this release is their first in their current incarnation? And they all wear hats except for the drummer who looks like he might be Marky Ramone's little brother who just came back from college.

A strong recommendation therefore. Go without beer this week and buy this CD instead. You won't regret it.
Review Date: November 16 2007