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  Necklace EP by The Hussy's

Necklace EP cover art

Artist: The Hussy's
Title: Necklace EP
Catalogue Number: Weekender WEEK049
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2007

There is always a place for pop music in the Bluesbunny's heart and the four songs that make up this EP from Glasgow's The Hussy's soon won such a place. Infectious, they were!

The lyrics are a bit on the sly side, painting pictures of ordinary life in bright splashes of Technicolor. "Rock Steady" stands right out here with its killer hook leaping straight out of the speakers in a way that the protagonist of the song never would or could. Whilst not exactly inspirational (as the title might suggest), the sheer jauntiness of "Jesus" is a delight that is guaranteed to cause an impromptu attack of dancing. Talking of dancing, there's a bit of the Dexy's Midnight Runners about that tale of weekend regret, "Sunday Morning", that is surely the cause of the foot tapping experienced whilst listening and "Sister Mary Jo" could well be a homage to that classic British movie of the nineties - "Nuns on the Run". Any film that has Robbie Coltrane dressed as a woman deserves a homage and this song would do nicely!

Lightweight but distinctly enjoyable, these songs are just made for the summers that we don't seem to get any more.
Review Date: October 26 2008