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  Super Pro by The Hussy's

Super Pro cover art

Artist: The Hussy's
Title: Super Pro
Catalogue Number: Fat Cheerleader FATCHEER3
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

"Super Pro" is the new album from Glasgow's The Hussy's. Purveyors of classic style pop music, they have produced thirteen more songs to entertain our ears.

So to those songs. The retro references are still in there in the lyrics (would the youth of today even know what a cassette was?), and whilst the songs are well constructed, they teeter on the edge of that genre known as tweepop. Only the presentation is very eighties (like a low budget Blondie, perhaps?) and that doesn't necessarily do them any favours. Lead singer Fili sounds a lot younger than the songs. She is not without charm here as she goes a bit Kirsty MacColl on "Radar" and a bit Corinne Drewery (of Swing out Sister) on "Catherine".  From these comments, you can probably work out what we are going to say next. She seems to be adapting to the songs rather than making the songs her own.

Now don't get me wrong, for this is an enjoyable album that should have wide appeal and it has that kind of retro feel is probably appropriate to today's marketplace as well but - and this is a wholly subjective thing - it just sounds small and, even given this band's undoubted charm, some of the songs are too easily forgotten. Then again, I suppose we have just come to expect pop songs to announce their arrival from the rooftops these days. However, it's a crowded marketplace and it would actually be shame if this album was to get ignored.
Review Date: October 26 2008