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  Sister Sweet by Sister Sweet

Sister Sweet cover art

Artist: Sister Sweet
Title: Sister Sweet
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

It's election season in the US, and as is always the case, Americans are torn between two candidates. Since I am not of American stock, I will be voting for neither. However, Sister Sweet hail from Richmond, Virginia and, if they were standing, they'd get my vote!

What's on offer on this album is a bundling of entrancing melodies from Tina and Jessica, who, by the way, are not sisters in the biological sense. The girls harmonise wonderfully and leave an easy job for backing musicians Tom Crosby and Mark Henderson. "Touch The Sun" has a sensuous pop-rock feel to it, almost as if it blew across the Atlantic from a Cranberries songbook. Not a bad way to start the album! "Somebody" begins with the simplest of intros, and is lyrically plain. However, the combination is hugely effective. Tina and Jessica emphasise the line "it sounds tired, but it's true", and the line is a fair summation of the song. Only, these girls make it interesting!

"See You On The Other Side" plays as gentle as the river flows and is a real gem of a pop song. Find yourself a bottle of Virginia Gentleman and savour the music! I can't quite be sure who "She's Tough" is based on, but when these girls sing it, you believe what they sing while "Sigh", in all its haunting glory, is a fine conclusion to the album.
You get the feeling that these girls could draw blood from stone with their voices, such is their ability to produce terrific harmonies. From start to finish, it's senseless to skip a track and that's an indication of a great album.

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Review Date: October 26 2008