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  Oh Shit I Don’t Feel so Good by Horatio Lee Jenkins

Oh Shit I Don’t Feel so Good cover art

Artist: Horatio Lee Jenkins
Title: Oh Shit I Don’t Feel so Good
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2008

More from the greatest and straightest philosopher of our time. So great is his beneficence that he has decided to impart his not inconsiderable knowledge of the side effects of the demon drink. This song shows his more vulnerable side too but Horatio Lee Jenkins is a proud man. No matter how much whiskey he consumes, the great one will not throw up even though he now feels a touch unwell. For is he not the man who drank Satan under the table?

But right at the end of this tale of alcoholic abuse, the great one reminds us that we should enjoy alcohol responsibly as the song ends with riotous applause. Actually it does - don't you believe me?

Available as a download from CD Baby amongst other places.
Review Date: November 6 2008