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  Sunday Driver EP by Transport

Sunday Driver EP cover art

Artist: Transport
Title: Sunday Driver EP
Catalogue Number: Moseley Sounds Recordings MSRTRA002
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

This is rock done Australian style.  It's raucous, it's loud and it's in-your-face.  And to be honest, it's also damn good fun.  The tone is perfectly set from the outset with "Sunday Driver", a storming and aggressively rocking track with a hint of a Foo Fighters influence.

"Soda Pop" is a curious track in some ways however it's one you can't help but like; its part maniacal rant, part rap and yet underneath it is still ferocious rock.  With "Butterflies" we find the band coming over all metaphorical and introspective with a song all about the changes and conflicts of life, and while it may not quite fit in with the overall 'brashness' of the rest of the tracks, ironically this one is the highlight of the album.

While this may be a CD that is low on tracks, it's certainly high on entertainment and rich in promise for the future of this Brisbane Trio.  What's that Skippy?  You want to hear some more?!  What can we say; surely two bunnies and a marsupial wouldn't steer you wrong!!
Review Date: September 3 2008