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  Country Roads, Street Corners & Church Houses by KM Williams

Country Roads, Street Corners & Church Houses cover art

Artist: KM Williams
Title: Country Roads, Street Corners & Church Houses
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

Reminiscent of the late, great R L Burnside, K M Williams is a preacher from Texas who, well, sings from the heart. Decidedly lo-fi with prominent hiss, hum and distortion on many tracks, this album is just one man with his guitar and an occasional drum machine.

Unlike R L Burnside however, he sings with an almost palpable feeling of sorrow. There is a real hypnotic effect to the tracks that belies their simple production. It is an album of honest performances with particular highlights in "I Need the Lord" and "Street Corner Blues".

It all makes a refreshing change from the plastic music force fed to us on the radio and television. Well worth a listen.
Review Date: July 9 2007