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  Keep Your Secrets by Brigid Kaelin

Keep Your Secrets cover art

Artist: Brigid Kaelin
Title: Keep Your Secrets
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

Bluesbunny came to this album after hearing Brigid Kaelin's current album "West 28th Street". So impressed were we by that album that delving into her back catalogue seemed the decent thing to do and this 2005 album was duly located.

It is customary for an artist to improve with each release and this proved to be the case here. Ms Kaelin seems more mainstream here in her approach. "Ballad of Motorcycle Joe" is simply a beautiful ballad that would be a blessing to the catalogue of any modern mainstream country singer. The heart and humour that is a feature of her music is much in evidence here in "Future Mr. Used-to-Be" and "I Want you All". Seemingly trivial and even jolly, they express the emptiness of modern life as all the things our parents and grandparents brought us up to expect have simply disappeared. In case you are struck with fear by the post modern woman then take heart as Ms Kaelin even manages to throw in a rousing drinking song. "Whisky in the Faucet" is the kind of song that you thought only a man could carry off but, then again, Ms Kaelin is a most unusual woman.

"Keep Your Secrets" is a slick and enjoyable album that mixes musical flair with an endearing sense of humour and warmth of spirit to good effect. It is commercial but it will charm you and that is something of a rarity these days. Maybe that's what happens when you sing from the heart?

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Review Date: November 9 2008