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  A Fit of the Jerks by Kirameki

A Fit of the Jerks cover art

Artist: Kirameki
Title: A Fit of the Jerks
Catalogue Number: Bearsuit Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

This would appear to be the debut album by Kirameki. There's not a lot to be had in terms of biographical data on this band - they seem to be a half Scottish, half Japanese duo. Well, maybe they let the music do the talking?

Some of these tracks are familiar from previous releases - 6 tracks are from the "Exercises in Style" EP released on Rack & Ruin Records and, from them, the demented charm of "Bubblecar Pileup" still stands out. There is plenty more in the same vein as chunks of music and other samples are joined together to create little sonic pictures that illustrate something or other. With instrumental electronica, it's hard to tell. The song titles are obscure ("Morgan House-cutter"?) and there is nothing in the way of a sleeve note to guide you. It is to this duo's credit, however, that they do manage to maintain your interest with each song twisting and turning in unexpected ways. Sometimes, as with "Kirameki" you think you are hearing something from an arthouse film soundtrack then things just go weird.

For the reasons given above, this album might well be an acquired taste. It certainly wasn't boring but it was also hard to love. Anyway, it is worth a listen if you have musical tastes that stray from the mainstream. Thumbs up to the cover art as well.

Available from Bearsuit Records.
Review Date: November 11 2008