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  Joy by Temposhark

Joy cover art

Artist: Temposhark
Title: Joy
Catalogue Number: Paper & Glue
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2008

Time warps are odd things. You can't see them but they are out there. However, you can see their consequences. What, you might ask, caused this moment of reflection on the nature of time and space. Well, Temposhark's single "Joy" did. Bluesbunny gets this one in the post and it states a release date in November. Being thorough, we do a bit of research and find from the band's website that it was first released in May. Or was it?

Anyway, to get back to the subject of this review, "Joy" is a style less attempt at style. The song has that vaguely electro-disco feel that was momentarily popular way back in time. Lead singer Robert Diament decides to forego any emotion and replace it with the kind of posturing that we have not seen since all the members of the New Romantic movement were deported to a regime more tolerant of excessive narcotics.

Relentlessly dull. That's all folks!
Review Date: November 15 2008