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  Send Me On My Way by Le Reno Amps

Send Me On My Way cover art

Artist: Le Reno Amps
Title: Send Me On My Way
Catalogue Number: Drift Records
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2008

Le Reno Amps strike again. As the dank dullness of winter descends upon us, they go and release a song to raise your spirits. "Send Me on My Way" might be a little bit country but there is more than a bit of quirky eccentricity on show too. That is one of this band's strongpoints. Not only can they actually play but they don't seem to feel the urge to be the same as everyone else. Any song that you can sing along with is just fine with the Bluesbunny. Might even try to dance to this one (if I have enough to drink…)
Review Date: November 17 2008