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  Note to Self by Laura Younger

Note to Self cover art

Artist: Laura Younger
Title: Note to Self
Catalogue Number: Troll Records LJYATR1
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

This acoustic offering is the debut release of Colchester's Laura Younger.  With a running time of just under 35 minutes she has gone for the 'less-is-more' approach, and it certainly pays off with an album that is thankfully bereft of distracting filler tracks to get in the way of some outstanding songs.

We open with one of the best tracks, "City Girls", a superb mid tempo number that gets us of to a flying start.  This is followed by "Forever" with some wonderfully cutting lyrics typified by, "said you'd make some time for me like best friends should, but all that's on your mind is her size 8 waist in sexy lace lingerie".  "Unclean" is another fine song, and with its anger laced lyrics Laura shows she is quite willing to go over to the dark side.

The highlight of the album however is the stunning "Note to Self", which features Valerie Thompson of Boston (USA) band Fluttr Effect providing accompaniment on electric cello.  The result is a haunting, melodic, gothic-like track with enough atmosphere for a small planet.  Not far behind is "Misfit", with heartfelt lyrics that surely the entire planet will have been able to identify with at some time in their life.

The strength of the album lies in Laura's song writing.  She writes from the soul and has created multi-faceted songs with a depth of feeling that defy her still tender 17 years.  Although at times a bit rough at the edges, and there are some tracks you feel would benefit from the addition of some percussion or additional backing to fill out the sound, the quality of the material is undeniable.

Comparisons with KT Tunstall and Alanis Morissette, or even Joni Mitchell for that matter seem inevitable.  However don't let that fool you, Laura is not just another acoustic clone, she has an individuality and uniqueness all of her own.

With this album Laura has created music that makes you sad, music that makes you happy, and above all music that makes you want to hear more of her. A lot more.
Review Date: June 21 2007