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  Shelly Knight and the Livin' Dead by Shelly Knight and the Livin' Dead

Shelly Knight and the Livin' Dead cover art

Artist: Shelly Knight and the Livin' Dead
Title: Shelly Knight and the Livin' Dead
Catalogue Number: Right On Records ROR-SK2005-01
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

The sleeve notes inform us that Shelley Knight is a radio personality from central Texas. It is a pity that we do not more radio personalities like her. With the able assistance of the Livin' Dead (Fred Schultz, Andrew Wood, Eric Leilkam) , she delivers a powerful, sometimes raucous performance over the 11 tracks on this album.

This is the kind of music sounds so good played loud in a car (perhaps a '74 Dodge Monaco?) in the dead of night when you are on the road to nowhere. Anyway, to the songs. "Runaway Mama" tells the tale of a woman escaping from domestic violence. "Love like a Wheel" rocks the house. "Lyin' Lady" is a single in waiting (BluesBunny fondly remembers vinyl!) and "Cool Daddy" features some fine surfing guitar playing.

More satisfying than Coors and worthy of repeated plays, this hard rocking album is a solid recommendation. You can get it from CD Baby.Loved the cover art as well - it reminded BluesBunny of the artwork you used to get from the Imperial label in the sixties.
Review Date: June 22 2007