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  Acoustic Extravaganza by KT Tunstall

Acoustic Extravaganza cover art

Artist: KT Tunstall
Title: Acoustic Extravaganza
Catalogue Number: Relentless 09463571892
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

As is the fashion these days, artists often return to their acoustic roots to prove their artistic credentials. Strange then that KT Tunstall takes this path after the merest taste of fame. It turns out to be good move anyway.

There is a country rock feel to most of the proceedings reminding the BluesBunny of seventies' bands like the Flying Burrito Brothers. "Ashes" snarls and spits the album off the starting line; "Boo Hoo" takes us through the chicanes of love and loneliness and eases over the finishing line to victory with the gentle and reflective "Throw Me a Rope".

A satisfying and consistent album from a maturing artist. She has never sounded better. Worthy of recommendation.
Review Date: June 21 2007