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  Use What you Got by Kristie Agee & Big Potential

Use What you Got cover art

Artist: Kristie Agee & Big Potential
Title: Use What you Got
Catalogue Number: Old King Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Kristie has pulled together material from a variety of sources to deliver an album of mainly up tempo covers, although there are also a couple of ballads to calm things down a bit.  Done in a big band, bluesy, swing style for the most part, at times it is somewhat reminiscent of Cab Calloway and Louis Jordan in their prime and not dissimilar to Roomful of Blues either come to think of it, and certainly every bit as good.

It flies out of the stalls with the opening track "Big Long Slidin' Thing", with Kristie's fine vocals supported by a solid horn backing - Blues Bunny has always been fond of a good horn section, and this one certainly fits the bill.  Other tracks that will get you jumping are "Big Red Caboose" and Chick Willis's "Use What You Got", as well as an outstanding feminine take on Little Sonny's "Meat On Their Bones (curiously credited to Dana Gillespie", presumably for the modified lyrics, although as far as we are aware it is by Bettye Crutcher and Bobby Manuel).

A great party album that can best be summed up as big voice, big band style and a real big sound.
Review Date: June 21 2007