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  Labor of Love by Elisa Fiorillo

Labor of Love cover art

Artist: Elisa Fiorillo
Title: Labor of Love
Catalogue Number: Lightwise Visionary Concepts
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

A truly delightful release from Ms Fiorillo. BluesBunny has issues with jazz normally - too many notes for too little music - but this was a most pleasant surprise. The sleeve notes inform us that she recorded this album whilst pregnant and perhaps this has inspired her. The music reminds us of popular music from the forties and fifties but does not sound in any way dated. Tracks like "Mood for a Melody" and "Bun in the Oven" could have come straight out of the Andrews Sisters' songbook.

Equally at home with fast and slow tempos, her performances cannot be faulted. Her phrasing is polished without being sterile. Even more impressive is that all but one the tracks were co-written by Ms Fiorillo herself. Best tracks are the bouncy and commercial "Hip Hop Skip" and an impressive cover of the standard "All the Way". The arrangements, production and musicianship (listen to Tee Coakley's contribution on "All the Way" for example) are exemplary.

This album represents the best work she has done without a doubt. You can't listen to it without smiling as the whole feel of the album is so good natured. It is not often possible to claim that an album is uplifting but this one is. No weak tracks here so a strong recommendation. It can be purchased via her <a href="">website</a> at present but we hope that it gets a much wider distribution.
Review Date: June 23 2007