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  Live!NRG by NRG with Nicole Hart

Live!NRG cover art

Artist: NRG with Nicole Hart
Title: Live!NRG
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

The NRG band attempts that tricky feat of committing a live performance to CD for prosperity while capturing all the energy and enthusiasm that makes live music special.  Many have tried to accomplish this feat, few have succeeded.  And with a solid set of unpretentious blues passionately delivered by both Nicole and the NRG Band they seem to fall somewhere in the middle.

"I Heard" is a slick and soulful piece of mid tempo blues, while "Treasure", co-written by Ms Hart and keyboardist Lance Ong, has a bluesy and sultry midnight hour sound.  "It Hurt So Bad" is somewhat reminiscent of the great doo-wop songs of the 50's, and their take on Koko Taylor's "Voodoo Woman" has a funkier rhythm and feel which makes it a difficult one to sit still to.  Front woman Nicole Hart comes up with the goods on the vocal front and the band put in some fine performances that make this great entertainment.
Review Date: September 1 2008