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  Blacktop Gypsy by Blacktop Gypsy

Blacktop Gypsy cover art

Artist: Blacktop Gypsy
Title: Blacktop Gypsy
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

BlacktopGypsy are Heather Woodruff, Andie Kay Joyner and a rock solid backing band. They burn biscuits and they burn beans. So they say in "Ain't Your Mama" which is one of the tracks from their self titled album. No saccharin here then. It is said that the best songs come from the heart and this would appear to be the case here. Whilst they are certainly in the modern alt-country/americana style, the songs would make George Jones proud.

Tales of dysfunctional relationships abound. Try "Better Days" and the storming "Ring" for size. It is good to see a mature perspective taken on relationship matters. This is not to suggest that this is uncommercial in any way. The catchy "Your Turn to Cry" is certainly radio friendly as is "Give You Me". Blacktop Gypsy - in sonic terms at least - invite comparison with the Dixie Chicks but their song writing nicely updates the traditional country music topics for the modern day.

BluesBunny likes a bit of country music every now and then even though he is a city boy at heart. He likes this bit of country music a lot. Well worth the effort for the more discerning listener. Available from CD Baby.
Review Date: June 23 2007