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  Kleveland by Kleveland

Kleveland cover art

Artist: Kleveland
Title: Kleveland
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Hard rocking bands with hard rocking front women are always a treat when it works well, and with Kleveland there can be no doubt that it does.  Their 'take no prisoners' approach is apparent from the outset with front woman Stephanie Smith letting rip on both guitar and vocals with "Jonny Is A Klepto", a song that simply crackles with raw energy.

That energy never lets up throughout the remaining tracks, with Matty K on bass and Danny Carbo on drums providing a throbbing rhythm that is the perfect accompaniment to Stephanie's singing, which at times come across as Patti Smith with even more attitude - the oxymoronically titled "King of the Drama Queens" with its anger-laced, cutting yet witty lyrics being a case in point.

The pick of the rest are the more subdued, almost verging on tender, "No Heart Go Heart", and the catchy hooks of "Flat Tax"; while "ESP" and "Pills" are further fine examples of their powerhouse rock style that grabs hold of you and just doesn't let go.  To be honest nothing disappoints in this collection and if there is any justice we would expect this band to be having a much deserved higher profile in the not to distant future.
Review Date: June 21 2007