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  Out of the Shadows by Phantom Blues Band

Out of the Shadows cover art

Artist: Phantom Blues Band
Title: Out of the Shadows
Catalogue Number: Delta Groove DGPCD111
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Some albums give you a warm, familiar feeling. BluesBunny got that feeling before the end of the first track "Do the Dirt". This would be an album of solid rhythm and blues. The band have, after all, backed the legendary Taj Mahal so their musical credentials cannot be questioned. That is how it turned out.

An inspired collection of covers including Chuck Berry's "Havana Moon", Jesse Winchester's "I'm Looking for a Miracle" and Lowell Fulson's "My Aching Back" are delivered with pride and passion. The band play like top-of-the-range session men but the whole feel of the album is fresh and full of energy. Particular credit goes to the seismic excellence of drummer Tony Braunagel and the ivory tinkling of Mike Finnigan. "Let Them Talk" was a particularly moving ballad but the best vocal performance comes on "Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed?" which also features a fine trumpet solo. The cod reggae "Book of Rules" seemed rather out of place considering the rest of album. The album ends with the shuffling, sparky version of Ray Charles' "Mary Ann".

Maybe not innovative but a polished and enjoyable album nonetheless that bears repeated plays. Go on, treat yourself.
Review Date: June 21 2007