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  Change in the Weather by Eric Lindell

Change in the Weather cover art

Artist: Eric Lindell
Title: Change in the Weather
Catalogue Number: Alligator ALCD 4908
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Way back when BluesBunny was but a young bunny, he got his first introduction to music outside the mainstream with purchase of Living Chicago Blues volume 4 on Alligator Records. Alligator Records have over the years brought much pleasure to the BluesBunny's ears with artists such as Shemekia Copeland, Big Twist and the Mellow Fellows and Li'l Ed and the Blues Imperials. This album is one of their finest releases.

Eric Lindell - so his biography says - has been around for a while on the peripheries of success. His music shows the influences of a long spell in New Orleans. It has the rhythmic playfulness that is characteristic of that fine city. Having said that, BluesBunny kept thinking of the late, great Lowell George. Eric Lindell does not sing like Lowell George nor play like Lowell George but the album has that good natured groove that Lowell George used to bring to his music.

It is difficult to select the best tracks on this album as the standard is so high. The bluesy, horn driven "All Alone" gets the fingers snapping. "Casanova" and "Feel like I Do" are catchy and would take up permanent residence on your car stereo. "Sunny Daze" would not be out of place on a Taj Mahal album. "Uncle John" features some fine guitar (and slide guitar) work that would not disgrace a true Delta blues man. "Lady Jane" raised a smile when BluesBunny noticed that the song was actually called "Mary Jane". BluesBunny wonders what Mr Lindell might be singing about and supposes Alligator were being careful not to offend sensitive American radio programmers. They must be an easy bunch to fool or perhaps they do not listen to the music anymore. The last track on the album is "Lazy Days" and it is the kind of song that would round off a seventies' Eric Clapton album nicely.

Eric Lindell has a taken a hands-on approach to this album. He wrote the songs along with taking on production duties. This approach has definitely paid off. The verdict? Simply superb and highly recommended.
Review Date: June 21 2007