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  Magic Neighbor by Lisa Germano

Magic Neighbor cover art

Artist: Lisa Germano
Title: Magic Neighbor
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: LP
Release Year: 2009

Released on Michael Gira's much respected Young God label is this album from Lisa Germano. She's one of those artists that gets referred to in the reverential tones reserved for the chosen few. In such cases a review is almost irrelevant as you'll either "get" her or, if you are a heathen, you won't.

The thing is, though, that "Magic Neighbor" is an album possessed of a delicate and fragile beauty. It captivates and calms you just like those fairy tales that your parents told you when you were a child. Proper fairy tales, that is, with dragons and gingerbread men. Fables containing messages of hope for those trapped in reality.

Nothing is rushed here. Everything gets built one brick at the time and the result is something that lasts long in your mind. Songs like "A Million Times" feel more like moments in your own life than mere manufactured melodies. Elegant orchestration abounds and Ms Germano's hushed voice serenades you on a voyage to a better place.

Watching the vinyl spin round (for this is an album that deserves the warmth and substance of vinyl), I thought I had been hypnotised and made to dance the dance of the fallen prince in a fantasy land far away. I look around and recognise everything. But I know nothing.

Time to get back to reality and some facts. The LP came with a CD version too. Not sure why but a man can never have too many beer mats. I'm a vinyl snob and proud of it.
Review Date: October 31 2009