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  Generation Stereotype by The Kimberly Trip

Generation Stereotype cover art

Artist: The Kimberly Trip
Title: Generation Stereotype
Catalogue Number: Glitter Kitty GKR2009-0601
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2009

So many bands these days seem stuck in a world of trendy haircuts, power chords and angst. Those little niceties found in the best pop music - like melody and intelligent lyrics - get forgotten in the rush to remain fashionable. With this follow up to their rather fine 2007 album "Popularity Contest", Kimberly Trip prove that those niceties still have their place in modern music.

There's a retro feel pervading all the songs on this album but that is seasoned with modern day sentiments. In this case, that's a very good thing. Avoiding modern clichés actually makes this band sound fresh. There is much to enjoy in the songs themselves with some sharply observant lyrics keeping your mind occupied whilst the tunes get under your skin. I liked the line in "Cliché Love Song" that goes "… all the brilliant lyrics have been done". Writer's block nailed in one go. "Schoolgirl Crush" neatly turns your expectations around as this supposedly straightforward teenage love song up ends up with the object of the aforementioned crush being another girl - "…dating him but dreaming about you". You've probably figured out by now that The Kimberly Trip are the kind of band that are going to go out with a bang. That proves to be the case as the album ends on an almighty sing-along steamroller of a power pop song called "Not_Cool". Ah, Kimberlina, I believe that I might love you. Even geeks need someone to hold their hand. Not that I am a geek of course but if I were, I would want to hold her hand.

I have to admit that I really enjoyed this album. It is packed full of power pop gems that you find yourself singing along to. Even the retro feel seems just right. It's like The Bangles got retrofitted with a brain. And a pretty good one at that.

This is great pop music. It's that simple.
Review Date: December 5 2009