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  Mannerisms Magnified by Dale Turner

Mannerisms Magnified cover art

Title: Mannerisms Magnified
Catalogue Number: Close to the Bone
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2010

Who needs a band anyway? Dale Turner doesn’t, it would seem. “Mannerisms Magnified” is the fruit of five years of musical labour; Turner played every instrument, penned every arrangement and wrote every lyric on the album. Just to make sure of his influence on his work, he produced the album too. The result? A mixed bag of musical treats. Fans of Mike Patton should perhaps take interest.

Completely rejecting the idea of cohesion, this release may tell us a lot about Turner’s mindset? Crazy? No, but decidedly abstract. “Bad Seed” portrays prog-rock aspirations while “She-Hab” has Turner’s vocals take a theatrical turn. By contrast, “Hiding Place” is a relatively straightforward acoustic affair.
Truly, it is tracks such as “Morality Rule” that really define the album for the listener. With such colourful vocal delivery and precise instrumentation, there’s plenty to absorb and appreciate. On the more sedate “Five Things” however, Turner’s vocals are of less interest. Of course, having said that, “Saboteur” follows and proves my initial thought: every track on this album is remarkable for its own reason. Perhaps not all great, but each one will make you think.
One of the most enjoyable tracks is the penultimate. “Exit Wound” evokes thoughts of Mr Bungle and even English “pronk” pioneers Cardiacs. The instrumental “Solace Song” ends the album in polite fashion.

While it will appeal mostly to students of music, there’s plenty for any serious music fans to savour on “Mannerisms Magnified”. Imagine going to the bar, asking for one drink, and being given twelve. You may not like all of them, but chances are good that you’ll enjoy several of them, and be mildly intoxicated by the end.

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Review Date: December 7 2010