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  David Koresh Superstar by The Indelicates

David Koresh Superstar cover art

Artist: The Indelicates
Title: David Koresh Superstar
Catalogue Number: Corporate Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2011

Somewhere in the south of England something stirs. Something musical. Something more than a bit skewed. Something called The Indelicates.  They have to be a bit skewed as their album "David Koresh Superstar" is – and you might well have guessed this from the title – a concept album based around the Waco siege.  You just can't imagine that Lloyd Webber chap dirtying his pen with such an idea.

On the other hand, The Indelicates show no such restraint and throw themselves wholeheartedly into fifteen songs of delirious dubiety. Listen and wonder as faux patriotism is reduced to a swaggering showtune in "Remembering The Alamo? I can just see the chorus line of pretty young men in fringed jackets and diamante encrusted cowboy hats high kicking it to the bridge now.  Of course, it's not all high camp - though most of it quite clearly could be – and there is more than enough meat on this album's bones to justify repeated inspection. The elegant deconstruction of things Koresh continues with "Single Thrown Grenade" featuring the eminently civilised voice of Julia Indelicate before the wildly theatrical "Something Going Down in Waco" leads us towards into "Ballad of the A.T.F." which was surely inspired as much by the Rocky Horror Picture Show as by actual events.

As this album is based on history, you will know already that the big finale is not ever going to be confused with a happy ending. That is indeed the case but neither is it an opportunity missed as "John Revelator" bows out the album on a suitably dramatic and biblical note.
Much of the pleasure that is gained from "David Koresh Superstar" comes from the care and attention that Simon and Julia Indelicate (probably not their real names, I would hazard) have lavished on this album. So much that I have to review is slipshod but not this one.

Finally, there is a musical in there without a doubt and when somebody puts it on I bet that Lloyd Webber chap will be kicking himself.
Review Date: June 5 2011