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  Chic by La Position Du Tireur Couché

Chic cover art

Artist: La Position Du Tireur Couché
Title: Chic
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Compact Disc
Release Year: 2014

Très bon is about as far as my French will go but those two words will do just fine to describe this album by French popsters La Position Du Tireur Couché and, with so much pop perfection culture to draw upon, they confidently strut their continental stuff throughout “Chic”.

You can practically smell the Gauloise in “Tu Ne Me Diras Plus Rien” and the relentless Gainsbourg meets Bardot appeal of “Ça Me Travaille” is likewise undeniable. Talking of le God Gainsbourg, that long forgotten art of berserk melody so beloved of the master is much in evidence here and, with naturalistic male vocals and ever sonorous female vocals much to the fore, this album becomes more an exercise in the long forgotten art of style than an attempt to pass the past off as the present.

You would, for example, be easily persuaded into an Audrey Hepburn infatuation by the lyrically oblique “Athlétique” and you’ll happily sip your pastis and smile to the knowingly cool girl/boy bounce that propels “De L’Air” towards the sunrise. “Chic” is truly an album that lives up to its name.

The album is available from Le Bandcamp.
Review Date: May 10 2014