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  Go Forth and Multiply by Well Hung Heart

Go Forth and Multiply cover art

Artist: Well Hung Heart
Title: Go Forth and Multiply
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2014

Now I’m feeling like the Duracell bunny and it is all the fault of Well Hung Heart. I must have made it all of 47 seconds into “Big Plans”, the first song on their album “Go forth and Multiply”, before I put my hand on a – happily convenient – bible and declared that I wanted to be in that band, wanted to play the guitar forever amen and, furthermore, came to the conclusion that the Devil indeed has all the best tunes.

You think you are hearing some sort of blues meets metal hybrid but this is much more than that. You should not be singer in a band unless you have some sort of attitude? Does Greta Valenti have an attitude? You bet she does and she goes from a purr to a venomous sneer like Julie London goes from champagne to cocktails. I think this could be love but is more likely fear.

As for Robin Davey, he has clearly obtained some depleted uranium and used it to turn his guitar into a weapon that constantly advertises nothing less than maximum firepower. In “Black Lightning” for example, his guitar would crush the mightiest adversary within a 12 bar radius.

Of course none of that would mean anything if Well Hung Heart could not write a decent song and here is the key thing to remember about this band. From the acid infused theatricality of “Corporate Bitch” to the reflective rhetoric of “Sweet”, Well Hung Heart take what they want from the past and, unlike most bands, style it for today and style it big. The song is everything here and I would happily air guitar the entire album whilst getting my Camaro airborne. Now that I think about it, I would get my Camaro airborne just to listen to this album in its proper environment.

One day all albums will be this good.
Review Date: May 16 2014