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  Break Out by Chris Devotion and The Expectations

Break Out cover art

Artist: Chris Devotion and The Expectations
Title: Break Out
Catalogue Number: Armellodie ARM45
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2014

If you are looking for a relentlessly energetic band then look no further than Chris Devotion and The Expectations and their album “Break Out” proves the point, once more, with eleven songs of the kind of polished post punk that Elvis Costello and Squeeze used to cast upon the loaves and fishes crowd back in the day.

You can’t go wrong with a good song – which is actually obvious if clearly lost on the majority of Glasgow bands – and there are good songs aplenty here. You get songs that you can actually sing along with “Looking For Another Girl”, especially, crying out for a transplant to the glorious world of the seven inch single. Yes, this is an album that is too good to be downloaded. You have to possess it in all its physical glory so that you may ponder its vinyl magnificence but, as there is no God and there is therefore no vinyl version, a CD will have to do for now so let us crank the volume up loud and instead wish we were in the band.

Look therefore straight into the mirror and air guitar your way through “Don’t You Call On Me”. Grab the hairbrush you use on the dog and emote à la Shatner to “When A Girls Comes To Town” for you are now Weezer in an existential gold tunic. Spin up “Song For A Girl” and you will be instantly transported to a shopping mall twenty years in the past. Oh, Debbie Gibson why didn’t I marry you?

The fact is that this album would be massive if it had been released twenty years ago but this is today and it is consequently down to you, no doubt sartorially challenged, readers to put your hard earned cash where it counts and make the past into the present. Chris Devotion and the Expectations rawk and that’s the truth!
Review Date: May 18 2014