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  In Flames by Kandle

In Flames cover art

Artist: Kandle
Title: In Flames
Catalogue Number: Dare To Care Records
Review Format: LP
Release Year: 2014

You can’t help but admire the brash confidence that powers Kandle throughout her album “In Flames” for with a relentless enthusiasm for reverb and a recent visit to the crossroads for an infusion of blues power she conjures up all sorts of urban spirits for our inspection.

“Demon” makes for a fine example of this with a twisted preaching provided to drive out the metaphysical evil that might be within our walls and, as the piano drops barroom style behind the beat, “Gimme A Pill” transforms itself into no less than an adventure in redemption. They make movies just so they use a song like this in the soundtrack. Or at least they would if I were in the movie making business.

The ghost of the chain gang drives “Winter” forward on its musical journey to spiritual demise. It’s as if Kandle is haunted by the collective ghosts of past wrongdoings and she further develops this troubled soul theme in the hypnotic “Sweet Dreams”.

So, as the preacher might say, there you have it. Reverb and surefooted style in abundance are to found within the grooves of “In Flames” and, with Kandle bringing a worldliness that belies her years to her words, you are positively compelled to own this album. I hope that the Devil gave Kandle a good price for her soul.
Review Date: May 26 2014