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  Because I’m Worth It by Copeland

Because I’m Worth It cover art

Artist: Copeland
Title: Because I’m Worth It
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: Vinyl LP
Release Year: 2014

If you look hard enough then you can find obscurity and, then again, obscurity sometimes finds you when you aren't looking for it. That is one of the dangers – and sometimes deliberate choices – for a musician. Whether either scenario is true for Copeland, aka Inga Copeland, formerly of Hype Williams, is a matter for conjecture and little in the way of evidence will be found in her album “Because I’m Worth It”.

First impressions are always dangerous in the land of the musically obscure for the stylus settles into the groove and all that emanates from your speakers is the kind of thing that a bedroom laptop abuser tries to pass off as the modern day equivalent of Mozart. Something, however, is not quite right. The sound is too good for start and slamming in a near incongruous slice of darkness next (“Advice to Young Girls”) to that innocuous start just adds to the growing sense of foreboding.

“Fit”, on the other hand, seems almost normal like the kind of song that Lykke Li would be inspired to write should she ever go clubbing with the Brothers Grimm and, talking of a night on the town, the dance floor would appear to be the inspiration for “Inga” even if the roof would appear to be in danger of caving in due to the combined weight of reverb and angst.

So what have we actually got here? A parody of someone else’s feebler efforts redone in the spirit of planned extermination? An anything you can do I can do better and make it look easy just out of badness scenario? That’s as likely an explanation as any and, despite several spins, it is also the best that I can come up with and, if there is prize for an album that inspires the most curiosity about its creator, then “Because I’m Worth It” is a serious contender for that award.
Review Date: July 7 2014