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  Leap Into My Fervent Arms by Screaming Mimi

Leap Into My Fervent Arms cover art

Artist: Screaming Mimi
Title: Leap Into My Fervent Arms
Catalogue Number: Phantom Power PPR012
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2009

Sheffield based band Screaming Mimi have come to the Bluesbunny's attention before through a couple of vinyl singles, most notably "Electric Thighs". This album serves as a bit of a compilation of their previous work along with a bundle of new quality power pop songs.

Powered by some evil surf flavoured guitar and a pronounced feeling that the circus has come to town, this album is pure musical theatre. Vocalist Loretta Chantry Groves swaggers - are women actually allowed to swagger? - like a modern day Marlene Dietrich. Cigarettes and a mean right hook, you know what I mean. The songs sting like all attitude ridden songs should. The aforementioned "Electric Thighs" is pure class in a way that pretentious princesses like Lily Allen will never understand as it mixes up the band's dry humour with a melody that will soon implant itself in your head (for good). Kudos are also due for "Dry Bones" (The Surfaris come to Sheffield and are taken prisoner by a local lass?) and the positively post punk "Dirtypillowslip".

This album is just what the doctor ordered. A big slice from the British power pop pie that you will just want to eat up. Even though it is technically a compilation, I'm still going to give it top marks. Play it loud!
Review Date: April 25 2009