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  Caragh Nugent live at Liquid Ship in Glasgow

Caragh Nugent

Friday night in Glasgow. It's cold. Time to take shelter in one of the many fine public houses on Great Western Road. The nearest one is the Liquid Ship. They sell Deuchars IPA on draught. Good choice.

Suddenly, the super sensitive BluesBunny ears start twitching. There is live music somewhere on the premises. Curiosity killed the cat so they say so a bunny should be safe enough. Further investigation finds a basement. In the basement we find Caragh Nugent (and more beer). The crowd is small but enthusiastic. Clearly people of taste.

Caragh Nugent's self effacing charm is evident from the first song "Jane Takes Six". She forgets the words but nobody minds. By the third song - the truly awesome "Pink Carnation" that she delivers confidently and passionately at a pace slower than the recorded version - the entire room is feeling the emotion. Mrs BluesBunny has a tear in her eye. Not seen that kind of response in a while. Shortly thereafter, we are treated to the sinuous "Precious Things" which, incidentally, was the first of Ms Nugent's songs that BluesBunny ever heard. Sometimes can introduce you to a gem. We also get a rather humorous cover of "I Will Survive". Not so much a feminist anthem as a tribute to the frailties of a live performer.

So why does BluesBunny like Caragh Nugent? She has an excellent vocal range and impressive song writing ability. There does not appear to be any commercially available recorded output from her so we will refer you to her page on MySpace for some song samples. If you live in the Glasgow area, maybe you can catch her playing live. In fact, you should try to see her live as we have a sneaking suspicion that 2007 may turn out to be a successful year for her.

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