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  Ohm, Safety Nett live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

pivo pivo

She glides. I'd never actually noticed that before but she most definitely glides. A serendipity of movement that captivates your attention. A spell cast without potion or prestidigitation.  Then the sound of a pen hitting the floor interrupts the impact of that poetry in motion. Better pick it up before she notices. Anyway, I need it to write.

Soundtrack time. Music from Safety Nett featuring the Brothers Flett and cohorts who look the part of a band who might just lay down a languorous smoke filled groove which is what they duly did. Lost somewhere in a skewed psyche, their musical pulchritude was such that the need was felt to reach out and touch. Comely, they were.

Diagonally opposite to an Ak47 wielding cat killer were Ohm. Those with a short span of attention would surely have missed the point of their extended post rock extemporisations on matters conceptual and not a word was spoken as they took a referential rather than reverential route to their final crescendo. There's something in there for the mind as well as the heart which is, in itself, unusual.

Shadows and Light. So much more than a film about obsession.

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