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  Federation of the Disco Pimp, Das Contras live at Strathclyde Students Union in Glasgow

Student unions are strange places. All the cheap drink and dancefloor space in the world just doesn’t seem to attract the girls. This impression stuck until I found myself on the top floor of the SSU where Federation of the Disco Pimp were launching their CD “More Than Dancing".

Support came from Das Contras, who walked a dangerous high wire between big band, reggae and funk sounds. Far from lacking in confidence, the band got into top gear towards the end of their set with the brass section proving particularly impressive. The Kingdom of Fife is lacking in musical talents once again, and these guys are doing their best to remedy the situation. Worth checking out!

During the intermission, we were shown a video for “Pound for Pound,” from the “More Than Dancing” album. You didn’t have to be a boxing fan to appreciate the quality. A quick scan of the room suggested that appetites had been whetted. Hungry for funk? It’s true.

Now, there’s no denying that Federation of the Disco Pimp are one of the hardest working bands in Britain right now. There is such a thing as a hard-working loser but these guys clearly don’t know any. A second drummer joined an already sturdy rhythm section and the band sent the room into orbit. The band played almost exclusively from their new CD, which is apparently making waves in Japan – the good kind of waves, you understand.
In searching for superlatives, “transcendent” was the only word I was satisfied with. This act goes far beyond race, religion, cult or any other classification. Or, simplified, they are just really good.  

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