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  Purple Valentino, The Heathen Club and Hello Creepy Spider live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

The sun shines. The world ends tomorrow or it might do anyway. We are good times or at least we would be if we could remember what day of the week it was. Maybe we should play golf just to pass the time or maybe we should head into the basement instead and drink – what’s it called again? – beer. Then someone asks for “a wee umbrella” for their drink and you know for a fact that the whole world has gone to the dogs. Time to turn the volume up.

Sunday night is alright for kicking it up and Hello Creepy Spider are the ideal band for kicking it up. Two up and in love with better post punk times, they minimised the chords and maximised the enjoyment with the kind of spirited set that would suggest that that life is, and always has been, actually made up of the proverbial good times. They sang of “Cassandra” and I immediately wanted to meet her for what they want I now wanted. Build it and they will come, as the saying goes.

Fifteen minutes later and determined to smoke the clutch on the rock muscle car were The Heathen Club. They consequently raced right down the middle of the drag strip with the kind of polished performance that you don’t see too often in Glasgow and, stopping only to take those riffs all the way into the palace at the end of the yellow brick road, The Heathen Club made their crowd pleasing mark and that’s a fact.

Purple Valentino were, on the other hand, a subtler thing with hints of southern rock suggesting melody rather than impact was their intention. Adding in a fiddle made it seem like celtic flavouring was also an essential part of their musical recipe although their desire to hold one tempo so close to their collective hearts for their entire set might cause the casual listener to question their essential sense of adventure.

So there you are. Get a good pint of Guinness or, allegedly, two. Eat all the remaining biscuits. Watch the world go round in circles. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition anyway. It’s a rock thing indeed. The end.

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