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  Sweaty Palms, The Beard of Zu and Phases live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

The things you do to avoid the glories of football in Central Scotland on a sunny Tuesday night. Things like forcing yourself at beer point to spend time in the company of Sweaty Palms, The Beard of Zu and Phases. Like Jesus, I suffer so you can post something on Twitter.

Phases are on first. Despite being a new band, they appear casual and, indeed, pensive with a clear talent for using repetition in their songs without ever appearing like rambling was the foremost thought on their collective mind. It would not be unreasonable to comment, should you encounter this band, that Phases give more thought to their music than most.

Next on were The Beard of Zu. After a ragged start, this band focussed on a resurrection and reinvention of the Glasgow guitar sound of the early eighties with a sly hint of more raucous rockabilly influences occasionally creeping out of the sonic shadows to thus tempt you towards the stage.  Given the fresh faces of the band, the angst ridden lyrics were somewhat unexpected but this is, after all, Glasgow and you never know when it will rain.

Digging ever deeper into the treasure trove of past musical glories were Sweaty Palms. As if to hoist their post psych colours higher on the flagpole than all that came before, they right clicked on the download links for the Stooges and MC5 and added enough reverb and attitude to fill the room with power chords of purpose.  If ever there were ever a band better suited to a Friday than a Tuesday then Sweaty Palms would be it.

However, it’s still a Tuesday night in Glasgow and the normal rules still apply. Never buy a pizza crunch that has been on reheat for the last two hours and never wear a red, white and blue ensemble when Celtic have been playing. Especially if you are from Edinburgh.

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