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  Courtney Lynn, The Palmiros and Edward Cane live at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow

There’s a song in my heart – as always – but Rodgers and Hart don’t drink in Pivo Pivo even if they probably would should they still be alive and be consigned to the hell that is Scotland of the 21st century. But today is the here and now and it's not like you don’t have to see the dawn in without being in the company of the beer that is Granat.

There is, however, a song on stage and the performer is Edward Cane. It’s a good song that he has even if he has taken catharsis, often a reliable source of song writing inspiration, as a basis for his confessional, if ultimately misplaced, inter song banter.

The Palmiros, on the other hand, set out to be liked with their respectful take on British blues rock standing them in good stead and, consequently, leaving the very pleasant impression that this was a Friday night band just waiting to be discovered. Just waiting to be discovered over a beer or five. Or maybe ten as Friday won’t be long in coming round.

Courtney Lynn returned to the way of the acoustic guitar to round off the night with a set of curiously consistent songs that highlighted her distinctly distinctive voice. Perhaps not the choice for everyman, she nonetheless demonstrated the ability to stand out from the crowd without ever seeking shelter in left of centre. Originality is indeed the way forward.

Hell is for heroes and beer is for drinkers. Life is simple when you study philosophy.

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