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  St Deluxe, Laura St Jude and The Rivers live at Broadcast in Glasgow

So the world is round is flat or hexagonal but the truth is the truth and everything left of right is something to be confirmed yet St Deluxe, Laura St Jude and The Rivers were in the here and now at Broadcast so there must be meaning in that.

The Rivers, being two strong and true and of that which is Busby, avoided the complexity of doubly sequential chords and instead substituted the righteous indignation of post punk and made it the honest and true song of all that is simplicity. They say beer and I drink.

Laura St Jude knew the value of elegance and duly drowned all that were there in a sea of what those who are French might call ennui. The mood, as always, was everything and the soul of those who were no more than casual participants could not be anything other than enslaved. She was a reason and we all, most definitely, need a reason.

Following that which is both mystical and moonlight would never be easy but, nonetheless, St Deluxe did what they did with but three men and rather more than three chords. It was all in the grind and, with a nod or three to the blues, they made the present a reflection of all that was distortion and, simultaneously, a right click on the recent past.

The cat’s in the cradle and the truth, unsurprisingly, has nowhere to go. Let it be Saturday and let it be Glasgow for, once more, bourbon is the new black.

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