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  Noah Noah, Wolf Ruby and Drive In Cinema live at Stereo in Glasgow

Just when you think that spring is here and it is safe to go out in the street again, God does the hailstones thing just to remind you that you should never take anything for granted. Duly, the headline act for tonight’s little soirée, Kirsten Adamson, had been taken unwell and left holding the fort in her absence were local bands Noah Noah, Wolf Ruby and Drive In Cinema.

Drive In Cinema turned out to be one young man with a guitar and a box of electronic trickery but, with confidence and a decent degree of musical dexterity on his side, he carried on regardless to take his indie pop songs on a self-propelled journey through brit funk territory to the radio friendly west coast of the US of A.

If there were to be a prize for the nicest surprise of the evening it would have gone to all girl band Wolf Ruby. Given the courageous choice of cover – a Sparks song, no less – that started their set, they body swerved critical disaster and instead managed to deploy a tactical musical weapon that proved that their place on this, or any, stage was more than justified.

Noah Noah, on the other hand, were (mostly) international men of (trendy) beards with a neat line in power pop songs that were just crying out for a publishing deal. It would seem, remarkably, that they hadn’t even been together for long yet they were undoubtedly polished performers who deserved to be heard by rather more than the rather sparse audience in attendance tonight.

I would end with another weather report but, given this is Glasgow, you will probably have guessed that it was raining. Again.

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