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  Randolph’s Leap, Woodenbox and the State Broadcasters live at St Luke's in Glasgow

They say God has a plan. I’m not entirely convinced that Her plan includes converting places of worship into music venues but I suppose that She has a history of liking songs sung in Her honour so the owners of St Luke’s won’t necessarily be going straight to hell. That said, I’m in the mood for a hymn and occupying the pulpit space tonight were Randolph’s Leap, Woodenbox and the State Broadcasters.

It suspect that it has been a long time since The State Broadcasters attended confession but I doubt that these ever mellow musicians would ever do anything that might require repentance anyway with their melodious and laidback set suggesting that working up a sweat was one of the many sins they had managed to avoid.

Woodenbox, on the hand, were a distinctly inspirational proposition blessed with a joie de vivre that would likely drive a believing audience to a chorus of hosanna. A musical steamroller capable of flattening even a battle hardened festival audience, this band had little trouble making the roof resonate to their tune with their song “A9 North” being transformed into the perfect soundtrack for a pilgrimage.

Onward, Christian soldiers, to Randolph’s Leap. Another massed musical conglomeration led by the ever unassuming Adam Ross, they set out to prove that melody and uplifting lyrics could be the weapon that would eventually win the good fight and, while they might ostensibly have been here to promote their new album “Cowardly Deeds”, it was clear that they were destined to take their message far beyond these four walls of this former church.

As I was about to close my Bible for the night, the prophet Patrick came up to me and spoke to me of angels and opportunities. Indeed She has a plan.

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