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  Ette, Call to Mind, The Royal Male and The Moth & The Mirror live at The Oran Mor in Glasgow

If it wasn’t for the rain, and summer in Glasgow inevitably brings rain, then I would have done the Dionne and walked on by the Oran Mor consequently missing Ette, Call to Mind, The Royal Male and The Moth & The Mirror. However, the grey sky seemed determined to drive me inside and, duly, it was so.

Already onstage but obviously in possession of an up to date weather report were Call To Mind and, as if complementing their very musical purpose, they provided a soundtrack appropriate to the dull, dreich weather. Some might have called their set a concerto in minor chord misery yet they and the drizzle seemed a match made in heaven.

Talking of heaven, Moth and the Mirror then took to the stage with the angel that is Stacey Sievwright out front to persuade all who might listen that there was such a thing as hope and, whilst almost as mellow and melancholy as their predecessors on stage, they had a purity of musical purpose that would drive even the unbeliever to consider an act of worship in their honour. They even made the room smell of caramel. How many bands can do that?

The Royal Male – a new band fronted by Woodenbox’s Ali Downer – also had that purity of purpose with their keyboard led songs showing that melody and wistful lyrics still have their place in modern day music. Remarkably, this was their first public outing and, four strong and studious as they were, you could sense that they would always be believers in the power of a good song.

Headlining, and apparently also making a debut, were Ette. Cursory research indicated that this was the solo project of Carla Easton – of Teen Canteen – made a reality in collaboration with a bunch of borrowed musicians including Joe “Sunshine” Kane. Pop sensibilities were always obvious as was a reverential affection for those synth pop sounds of days gone by and, much as with the time honoured Mars Bar, there was a certain sugary satisfaction to be had by all in attendance.

Time for another weather report. Let’s look outside. It is still raining. Ho Hum.

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