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  Wooden Box and Acousticbug live at Liquid Ship in Glasgow

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Bluesbunny on patrol once again. Fuelled only be the thought of Deuchars IPA (and the desire to hear some quality live music, of course), we head towards the Liquid Ship in Glasgow. It is Thursday and therefore time for a Free Candy Session. This time we examine the terpsichorean talents of Wooden Box and Acousticbug.

On the stage now is Wooden Box. There is a decent sized crowd present to appreciate this singer songwriter. The gentle, melodic songs prove easy on the ear and by the time he gets to his third song it is clear that he has also brought his fan club along .He finishes off with "Oban". Written about the town as experienced on his brother's stag night, this is a love song to the town that is way too good for a Scottish Tourist Board advert. Hear it and you will want to go there. He informs us that there is a new album due for release in July and bids us goodnight. At one point, he asked if people are getting bored with the slow songs. Not when he is singing them!

Rounding off the evening is Acousticbug also known as David Bova. An unassuming performer, he possesses a unique voice. He looks rather uncertain initially but as soon as he starts singing, silence falls upon the crowd. By the time he gets to his second song "Comfort", his lilting voice has captured the crowd. As he sings, he seems to scan the crowd looking for something or maybe someone. Like the metaphorical frog on the lily pad, perhaps he seeks the fly that will satisfy him. His guitar playing complements his voice perfectly giving depth to his reflective, sometimes dissonant songs. Since we are doing the metaphorical thing, he does seem like a lost soul looking for a way to lead us all off the path to oblivion. Definitely one to watch out for.

Heading off into the night, we reflect on the fact that there are so many new songsmiths out there that should be on the path to greatness. All while the multinational music machine shows its commitment to green issues by recycling other people's hits time and time again.

Review Date: May 10 2007