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  2am in Flat 3B by The Close Ups

2am in Flat 3B cover art

Artist: The Close Ups
Title: 2am in Flat 3B
Catalogue Number: Northern Round Square Records NRS004-CD2
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Opening with "Kidnap the Boss", a song similar in sentiment to Dolly Parton's 9 to 5, this 14 track album combines girly, Bananarama style vocals with quirky arrangements to unique effect. Purporting to be a cartoon band (and why not?), the Close-Ups are actually the work - although he sounds more like fun - of Carl Green and Abby Connor. 

"Saturday Girl in Bedworld" and "20,000 Groups" impressed with their sharply observed lyrics and catchy hooks but the BluesBunny favourite was the sing-along "Come on Home".

Whilst rather charming in its own, peculiarly British way, this album would be best classed as eccentric. Worthy of investigation if your musical tastes lie outside the mainstream and you appreciate a bit of dark humour. We liked it a lot and so might you.
Review Date: November 3 2007