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  Stories of the Firehouse by Ebony Tay

Stories of the Firehouse cover art

Artist: Ebony Tay
Title: Stories of the Firehouse
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2006

This five track EP comes across as a fusion of Sly Stone, Curtis Mayfield and the Temptations sound of the Whitfield & Strong years.  However don't be fooled, this is not a sound that is stuck in the past.  While she may use the building blocks of previous generations, Ebony has imbibed her music with a modern feel and attitude.

"Situation" is a good choice as the opening track, a real crowd pleaser with its up tempo funky beat and a great horn section backing.  This is immediately followed by a similar type of number in "Reload", which is driven along on the back of a thudding base line.  "Café' Song" is a slower acoustic based number that really allows the passion of her storytelling and vocals to come across.  And the same can be said of "Love This Planet", another acoustic based track this time with an underlying gospel feel to go with the emotive lyrics - surely this is an anthem in the making for the eco-generation.  Arguably it is these two slower acoustic based tracks are the highlights.  However, "Ghetto Soul" has such an incessant driving beat and infectious rhythm that just seems to pulse though your body, we have to declare a three way tie.

In the space of only five tracks we are treated to funky soulful rhythms, acoustic gems and lyrically eloquent songs. The only downside to this CD is that it is just too short.  Hopefully this will be remedied with next release, and personally we can't wait for it.
Review Date: November 18 2007