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  Drowning on Dry Land by Bushmaster

Drowning on Dry Land cover art

Artist: Bushmaster
Title: Drowning on Dry Land
Catalogue Number: 80336-00374
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

It is said that life is full of regrets. We would indeed have regretted missing the music of Bushmaster. But for a chance encounter on MySpace, we might never have known about this fearsome slice of electric blues featuring the exceptional guitar talents of a certain Gary Brown.

It is not just standard blues fayre either. The lyrics show political and social awareness relevant to today - take "Hard Word" for example. Not that it is all social commentary however. "Cosmic Funk" is one long mesmeric groove. "Big Back Yard" is a steamroller of a song driven along with bone crushing precision by the drumming of El Toro Gamble. There is a sensitive side on show as well in "Ghetto All over the World". Picking a favourite song from this album was a hard task but we eventually chose "Your Song". A simple song starting with just a click track, it builds beautifully into a lament for lost love. Gary gives his best vocal performance on this track as well.

Ok, so he has a bit of a Hendrix fixation but Gary Brown plays his guitar with real fire in his belly. We suppose it might be considered the ultimate compliment but we wish we could play the guitar just like him. Stirring stuff, indeed. If you will excuse us, we have to put the CD back on, pick up our air guitar and play along once more. Just the kind of music to remind us all that it is a good life!
Review Date: June 21 2007