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  The Bottom Line by Teresa James & the Rhythm Tramps

The Bottom Line cover art

Artist: Teresa James & the Rhythm Tramps
Title: The Bottom Line
Catalogue Number: New Light Entertainment
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Teresa has come up trumps again with this release.  The band are right on the money here and gel perfectly with Teresa's voice throughout.  With great production, a full-bodied sound and stunning performances from all concerned this one's a real winner.

The opening track, "All Time Low", is a superb start to proceedings with the horn section taking a prominent role.  "I Know Handsome When I See It" brings us to the perennial blues favourite of infidelity as Teresa laments her lack of judgement.  While with "If Momma Don't Dig It" we are treated to a more subdued mid-tempo blues, and "Whet My Appetite" is in a similar vein. A bit more of a 'rockier' sound is provided by "Next Big Thang" and "In the Pink".

The two standout tracks are "The Bottom Line", and "How Am I Gonna Stop Loving You".  The former opens with a wailing harmonica before dropping into an understated yet incessantly throbbing beat that carries you along; and with "How Am I Gonna Stop Loving You" Teresa delivers a wonderful ballad which, with the Hammond B-3 in the background, almost has a gospel feel to it.  Finally we come to a close with the bar room piano driven up tempo "I Do My Drinkin' on the Weekend" - a great fun way to finish.

What can we say?  The husky voiced vocals just seem to keep getting huskier, the blues get that bit bluesier and the horns just get hornier!  Teresa and her tramps have given us another rhythmic work of art in shades of blue.
Review Date: June 21 2007