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  The Warrior in Me by Lori Crandall

The Warrior in Me cover art

Artist: Lori Crandall
Title: The Warrior in Me
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

Lori provides a worthy addition to the singer-songwriter genre with this five track EP of country influenced rock and pop.  And it is soon evident the she is not one to shy away from difficult subjects as she tackles issues of domestic violence and abuse with some poignant material that at times doesn't make easy listening.

Despite the emotive nature of her subject she doesn't lose sight of the fact that writing good songs will make it much easier to get your viewpoint across to the audience.  "Horror In Your Eyes" is a case in point, which although having a somewhat 'grandiose' production gets the message across, and Lori certainly doesn't mince her words either.  With "I'm Steppin' Up" as she slips in an uplifting message to a horn backed and up tempo soulful number.  "The Warrior In Me", about discovering your inner strength, is the standout track of the album - well crafted musically and with lyrics from the heart to match.

This is an impassioned collection of songs that harks back to an era protest songs and highlighting of social wrongs that we thought had all but disappeared.  Lori should be applauded for staying true to what she believes, and having the courage to let others know about it.
Review Date: June 20 2007